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Electronic Spoon Scale

Electronic Spoon Scale

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Professional LCD Kitchen Mini 500g 0.1g Weight Measurement Electronic Spoon Scale
1. Beautiful appearance, special surface treatment, widescreen LCD display, easy to read.
2. The data is automatically locked when the data is stable, with low power consumption, low battery indicator and tare function.
3. Digital scoop scale with LCD display, ideal for weighing butter, flour, cream, tea or spices during cooking or baking.
4. The balance adjustment function ensures your accurate measurement, and the hold function freezes the reading on the LCD.
5. Powerful battery operation, low energy consumption. When the scale is not in use, the scale will automatically turn off after 2 minutes to save power.
6. Precision resolution: 0.1g
7. Capacity: 5ml-30ml
8. Scoop scale size: 23.3x6.5x3 cm
Package Weight
One Package Weight
0.08kgs / 0.19lb

Qty per Carton

Carton Weight
30.00kgs / 66.14lb

Carton Size
90cm * 59cm * 30cm / 35.43inch * 23.23inch * 11.81inch

Loading Container
20GP: 167 cartons * 356 pcs = 59452 pcs

40HQ: 388 cartons * 356 pcs = 138128 pcs
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Impress your loved ones with gourmet gnocchi made by you!

Step 1

Prepare the mixing bowl.
Take a large mixing bowl and add the contents of the instant gnocchi mix package into it (250gr)

Add water:
Pour 300ml cup of cold water into the bowl.

Mix the ingredients:
Using a fork or your hands, mix the gnocchi mix and water together until the dough forms a ball.

Ps.Can you also use a stand mixer to speed up the process even more, just follow the same instructions.

Step 2

Mix the ingredients:
Using a fork or your hands, mix the gnocchi mix and water together until the dough forms a ball.

Step 3

Knead the dough.
Knead the dough for about 2-3 minutes, until it is smooth and elastic.

Step 4

Roll the dough.
Divide the dough into small pieces and roll each piece into a long, thin rope about ¾ inch in diameter.

Tips :"Keep some 00 flour or semolina nearby to assist you in shaping the dough and to prevent it from sticking.

Step 5

Cut the gnocchi.
Cut the rope into pieces about 1 inch in length.

Job Done

Bel Lavoro ! Your efforts have culminated in the creation of magnificent homemade gnocchi. These delicate and tender Gnocchi are now ready to be paired with your preferred sauce for a truly authentic Italian culinary experience. With each bite, you will savor the harmonious blend of soft and plump gnocchi and the robust flavor of the sauce. Allow yourself to sit back, relax, and indulge in this truly delectable feast. Buon appetito!


Using the back of a fork, or better yet, a gnocchi board, will result in a better shaped gnocchi. To make the classic gnocchi indentations, simply place each piece of gnocchi onto the board and gently press down, creating ridges on one side and an indentation on the other. This will not only help the sauce to stick better, but it will also give the gnocchi a traditional texture.